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Works are Pigment Prints on Canson Etching rag in Editions of 15.

Larger Works - $300. Smaller Works - $160

Plus postage and handling if applicable. 

To purchase: Contact Maitland Regional Art Gallery prior to April 29th 2018
Phone: (02) 4934 9859

Images © 2017,  Andrew Finnie.
Contact -


Larger Works

Portrait Format

76.55 x 54.2 cm

Hugo Ball at the Cabaret Voltaire, 2018
Ball Impersonates Diego Velázquez
The Crucifixion - after Fra Angelico
Death Leading the Blind Men - after Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Ball Vanitas - Arnold Bocklin on Violin
Pantagruel - after Gustave Doré

Landscape Format

54.2 x 76.55 cm

Removing Bosch’s Stone of Madness
Mr Ball in Bellmer’s Mannequin Studio
The Incubus - Paraphrasing Henry Fuseli
Ball’s Goyaesque Nightmare
Rock Star Jesus - after the school of Caravaggio
The Dance Lesson
Mr Hugo Ball as Virgil - after Bouguereau
Drowning in Bosch’s Ship of Fools
The Feast at the Hanged Man’s House - channelling James Ensor

Smaller Works 

Landscape Format

36.5 x 51.87 cm

Revitalised Small City - after Hopper
In Balthus’ Salon
The Hoop Boy- after Smart
In Van Gogh’s Yellow House
The First Death of Hugo Ball - The 3rd May 1808 - after Goya, after Manet

Portrait Format

51.87 x 36.5 cm

Waiting for Vermeer

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